API Docs Drupal Module simple way to show OAS Docs on Drupal Portal

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon16th Jan 2021, 2021-01-16T08:00:00+05:30
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API Docs Drupal Module simple way to show OAS Docs on Drupal Portal

If you want to show API Documents on your Drupal Portal and you want to do it do it quickly, Here's the module API Docs which solves your purpose. API Docs is a simple module which will will provide a content type for the API Doc and User will be able to create API Documents by just uploading Open API Spec. Each API Doc is a content with this API Docs module.


Install this API Docs module as any other drupal module, Its recommened to install this module via Composer.

composer require 'drupal/api_docs'

Available options

This module is dependent on couple other contributed modules Redoc Field Formatter & Swagger UI Field Formatter. These module use the Redoc & Swagger library and give a drupal field formatters.

One can upload YAML, YML or JSON format OAS files while creating API Doc content.

Few admin page are created, like Listing, Redoc & Swagger pages using the API Doc Content type, which will be available on API Docs module install on your drupal portal.

Overall, API Docs is a simple module which helps administrators install module and using the Redoc & Swagger UI features for API Docs on Drupal Portal.


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