Dentist suggestions on Quit Smoking & Breathe Healthy

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Dentist suggestions on Quit Smoking & Breathe Healthy

We have heard many times that smoking causes cancer. Smoking kills! but how? Let's know about facts about smoking and it's harmful causes to our body.

Each one cigarette contains nicotine (the main ingredient) and more than 5000 chemical compounds of which many are cancerous. The nicotine gets you addicted to smoking as every time you smoke a cigarette, you get a good feeling. While smoking many harmful chemicals are produced and these are harmful to your body. Prolonged Smoking has passive effect to surrounding person around the smoker.

Let's know how people are affected to smoking.

When person smokes, Nicotine which is produced is reached to brain. Brain dopaminergic system gets activated which leads to calm and pleasant feeling. This feeling last for few hours only, as level of nicotine falls when person stops to the next cigarette, It makes habit to have one more as person feels unhappy. It leads to crave for more cigarettes.

What are effects of smoking

  • Cancer of mouth
  • Stroke
  • Lung cancer
  • Breathlessness
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Heart attack
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infertility

Effects on mouth - Dentist says that continued smoking leads to poor oral health.

  1. Mainly leads to discoloration of teeth.
  2. Smoking indirectly affects periodontal disease as tooth loosening by effecting surrounding bone of tooth.
  3. Discoloration of the oral mucosa leading to oral cancer.
  4. Difficulty in having spicy food and swallowing.

It's never too late to quite smoking. How can we get rid of smoking?

  1. Chewing gum like nicotine gums are available in markets which is effective to smoking person. Nicotine gums will partially replace nicotine present in your cigarettes. Habit of nicotine chewing gums will help to take care of withdrawal symptoms and makes Smoking less pleasurable, thus help to quite smoking.
  2. There are many counselling centers for helping you to quit smoking.

Benefits of quitting smoking

  1. Reduced risk of hear disease, stroke, lung cancer, COPD.
  2. Immediately after quitting smoking, air around you is no longer dangerous to children and adults.
  3. After 48hrs after you quite smoking, your ability to smell and taste is enhanced.
  4. Reduces chance of developing several different kinds of cancer.
  5. Person feels good and happy after quitting smoking.

By following the above measures, you can take good care of yourself & your loved ones.

In Yelahanka, Bangalore, you can reach out to Dr. Jyothi S N, where our dentist looks forward to working with you to help you in keeping good oral health . Call us today at (+91) 9538464616 or Visit our clinic.


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