How to keep your Kids Teeth Healthy and Strong?

ByJyothi S Non27th Feb 2021, 2021-02-27T08:00:00+05:30
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How to keep your Kids Teeth Healthy and Strong?

Good smiles from kids makes us smile more and keep us happy. But how to make your kids teeth healthy from initial stages. Within this article, I will be sharing a few basic tips to keep your kids teeth healthy & strong.

Here are few basic measures to be taken by every parent to keep their kids teeth healthy & strong.

-   A baby generally of age 0 - 6 months has a milk teeth eruption, where the Gum pad (milk teeth erupting region) of the baby should be cleaned by wet cotton by the mother.

-   Every child from infant age that is when first milk teeth erupt, should start visiting a dentist every 6 months for a general check up.

-   Avoid chocolate and candy in between the meals as chocolates contain sugar substitutes, which promotes aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to grow in the mouth which lead to tooth decay in a slow process.

-   For kids in dental clinics, office fluoride varnish application helps to reduce decay in caries prone patients, this is done from the age of 6 months (first milk teeth eruption) - 5 years of age.

-   Also, No sweets in between meals, avoid eating sugary items in between meals.

-   Avoid use of pacifiers to the baby at sleeping time which prolongs growth of bacteria in the mouth at night.

-   Use pea size toothpaste for kids which contain fluoride in it.

-   Change a kid's toothbrush every 3 months with attractive cartoon brushes.

-   Make kids brush twice a day.

-   Eat healthy diet food which contains nutritional supplements.

Following the above measures, a parent can take good care of a Kids teeth from an early stage itself.

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