Why do Doctors suggest Meditation?

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Why do Doctors suggest Meditation?

Nowadays with this busy schedule, people are busy with earning & fulfilling their dreams. By this way lots of stress & strain will slowly make our body weak & distress which would lead to physical & mental health disturbance. One of the best ways to get rid of this problem is by doing meditation.

Meditation is the process of relaxation of both physical & mental health of our body, mind & soul. This is a process where it controls all our emotional thoughts & leads to a calm & stable state.

How to do meditation?

  • For beginners, it is difficult at the starting stage. Always keep one particular time & place for meditation. Make time for yourself to do meditation for like 2 - 15 minutes initially.
  • You have to sit in a relaxed place with no disturbance, keep your mind and body in a calm and relaxed position.
  • Slowly relax your mind and body, and keep focus on your breathing.
  • Your breath is the only master for your meditation.
  • Don’t let any thoughts disturb you and be focused on your breath.

Make a habit of doing this meditation every day at a certain time of the day.

One must do meditation according to their age, for example X person age is 25 then this person should do meditation for at least 25 mins.

Our body needs energy to relax and be stress free.

To improve your mediation skills,

  • Listen to calm music while meditating
  • Keep on increasing your time to meditate.

Initially you might feel that your body is in pain while meditating but later such pain would not be seen again.

Best recommended time for doing meditation is the time of Brahma muhurtham which is early morning 03:45 AM - 6:00 AM.

Every time with full concentration and a positive mind, meditation is possible. Meditation is the best way to make our mental health stronger.


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