Why do dentists suggest Clear aligners (invisalign)?

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Why do dentists suggest Clear aligners (invisalign)?

Every patient wants their teeth to be in the proper correct position. In young patients they go for orthodontist braces treatment for the correction of their teeth. Patients demand for esthetic orthodontic appliances as made for clear aligners into mainstream modern orthodontics.

Clear aligners actually began in 1926, by Orrin Remensydre’s Flex-o-Tite, the gum massage appliance which has side effects of tooth movement.

These concepts led Sheridan to invent an esthetic Essix appliance for retention.

Invisaligners (Align technologies) has maintained the most significant portion of the clear aligner market but multiple companies have introduced their own clear aligners system as well.

Clear aligners are made by laboratory technicians under orthodontist specification.

Clear aligners are made by using CAD aligner software to design and produce aligners. These aligners are made in a number of sets, according to patients treatment plans & these are provided to patients for each follow up by orthodontist.

Requirements by patients for Clear aligners:

  • Dental impressions
  • Radiographs like OPG, Lateral ceph
  • Clinical examination & Photographs of patients

All these are provided to the laboratory for scanning intra orally to design appliances & fabrications.

This data helps in analysing to improve their treatment planning.

Clear aligners treatment can be done in these below cases

  • Mild to moderate spacing of teeth
  • Open bite
  • Proclined front teeth
  • Deep bite
  • Mild crowding of teeth

Clear aligners cannot be treated in severe malocclusion as recommended by Dentist.

Steps of a successful clear aligner treatment

  • Full treatment records
  • Have proper treatment planning
  • Proper design steps
  • Appropriate attachment selection & Correct attachment placement
  • Staging the aligners
  • Aligner fabrication with accurate model printing.
  • Facilitate treatment with auxiliaries.

Advantages & Dis-advantages

  • Comfort of patient, Can remove & wear when required, like eating.
  • Less harm to mouth soft tissues, like tongue, cheek, gums.
  • Not all malocclusion can be treated.
  • Slightly expensive compared to braces.

Before going to Clear aligners, check out with you orthodontist.

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