Jyothi S N

Jyothi S N

Dr. Jyothi S N practices at a Dental Clinic in Bangalore.

Provides an accurate and honest assessment for dental diseases and conditions. Will guide our patients regarding growth and development issues (teething, habits and orthodontics).

Give a plan for emergency treatment, including pain or dental trauma. Also refers to other dental specialists when care could and should not be provided within the dental home

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Importance of Good Sleep for Health

ByJyothi S Non12th Jun 2022
Nowadays in this busy life, good sleep is very rare for all kinds of generations. Late night sleep, watching phones and computers till late at night makes our sleep very difficult. Everyone has to sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours per night. Good sleep makes the mind calm and relaxed, even a fresh day starts with good sleep. Hormone called melatonin is produced by the brain and helps to get sleep

Benefits of Aloe vera in Oral Health

ByJyothi S Non3rd Jun 2022
Aloe vera or aloe barbadensis, is a medicinal plant which is a thick short stemmed plant that stores aloe vera gel in its leaves. It is used topically in most of today's skin diseases,sun burns,hair etc. Studies have shown that aloe vera has its own benefits in oral health as well. Aloe vera contains more vitamins and minerals. In oral health Aloe vera plays an important role in the numbe

Is Banking Dental Stem Cells today is important?

ByJyothi S Non27th May 2022
At the time of child birth, preserving and banking umbilical cord stem cells is important. These cells are the mesenchymal cells which differentiate to develop human organs like Brain, heart, liver, kidney, muscles etc at the developing stage of a baby in the mother womb. In case you miss collecting or preserving stem cells at the time of birth? Then the best choice is to collect Dental stem cell

Dentist Inputs on Diabetes and Oral Health

ByJyothi S Non31st Mar 2022
In diabetes people, due to increased glycaemic state, there will be more glucose and nutrients available for bacteria to keep alive and flourish. And this results in an increase in the bacterial load, as they can live and flourish well. And diabetic people take insulin, which is a hormone that is necessary to keep the level of blood glucose under check. And Diabetes mellitus (DM), is a group of me
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