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Reddamma D

I am Reddamma, having 3 decades of practical indian cooking experience. I'm here to share my recipes on Peoples BLOG which are simple, quick, delicious & healthy.

I would be sharing only the recipes that are tried, tested and cherished by my family.

I appreciate all the readers who take out time to read, try recipes, write comments & share articles. They make me happy and are valuable to share more recipes.

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Pachi Chintakaya Pachadi Recipe - Andhra Style

By Reddamma D on 5th Jan 2022
Andhra Style Pachi chintakaya pachadi (Green raw tamarind pickle) is an age-old dish, which is generally eaten with Rice & some also eaten with Ghee for even better taste. As we Indians love the tangy & sweetish taste of pickle, this delicious Pachi chintakaya pachadi is enjoyed by all age groups and in fact, the recipe is one among the famous Indian dishes. This dish also has many health benefits

Pachi Pulusu Recipe - Andhra Style

By Reddamma D on 13th Jun 2021
Andhra Style Pachi Pulusu Recipe is a thin rasam made with freshly extracted tamarind water and mixed with sliced onions and freshly cut coriander leaves. Comfort food at its best when served with some steamed rice for a simple meal. It is a different way of creating a rasam that has been followed by the people from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This rasam is not he

Raw Mango Chutney - Andhra Style

By Reddamma D on 17th May 2021
Raw mango chutney is a flavorful condiment made with raw mangos, coriander leaves, onions and some spices. Raw Mango Chutney is a must-try recipe when raw mangoes are in season. Raw mangoes are packed with minerals and vitamins and are good to beat the summer heat. This raw mango chutney aids digestion and enhances the taste, aroma, and nutrition of any dish. We usu
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