Magic Moments Pure Grain

Magic Moments Pure Grain

Magic Moments Pure Grain

  • Alcohol : Vodka

  • ABV : 42.8%

  • Country : India

  • Brand : Magic Moment

  • Category :

  • Color :

  • Flavour : Light to begin with on the nose, but develops a hard finish. A growing warmth on the palate, resulting in a slight spice hit on the back of the throat and a bold, long finish.

The enthralling taste of Magic Moments, an international packaging not only set the town buzzing, but also unleashed the thirst for making every moment grand. Produced from the finest grains, its triple distilling process is a mark of absolute purity that simply brings magic to life. This premium vodka is smooth and perfectly blends with your senses, giving an enriched taste. The spirit of Magic Moments can be celebrated with various tantalizing flavours that take excellence a notch up. Make every moment magical by choosing any of our flavours and pop open a new celebration, every single time.

Vodka by Brand: Magic Moment