Dentist Inputs on Diabetes and Oral Health

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Dentist Inputs on Diabetes and Oral Health

In diabetes people, due to increased glycaemic state, there will be more glucose and nutrients available for bacteria to keep alive and flourish. And this results in an increase in the bacterial load, as they can live and flourish well.

And diabetic people take insulin, which is a hormone that is necessary to keep the level of blood glucose under check.

And Diabetes mellitus (DM), is a group of metabolic disorders resulting from defects in the secretion of insulin. The elevated blood glucose (Hyperglycemia) over a long period gradually will affect multiple organs and result in:

  • Cardiovascular changes
  • Nephropathy
  • Neuropathy
  • Periodontitis
  • Retinopathy

Besides, wound healing will be reduced along with increased bacterial load due to increased glucose levels and nutrients.

Also, Diabetes Mellitus would have three major symptoms with significant inter-individual variability which are:

  • Polyuria
  • Polydipsia
  • Polyphagia

Oral complications and the manifestation of Diabetes Mellitus

  • Infections
    • Bacterial
    • Fungal
  • Delayed Wound Healing
  • Salivary Dysfunction
  • Taste Dysfunction
  • Mucosal Disorders
  • Neurosensory Disorders
  • Periodontal Disease

In recent times, Oral manifestations and complications in patients with diabetes mellitus is been recognized and reported as a major condition. Also, Evidence shows that chronic oral complications can adversely affect blood glucose control.

The promotion of a healthy oral cavity in patients with diabetes is really needed at the early stages. Because they can have a significant effect on glycaemic control. So Prevention and management of oral complications are important.

And regular follow-ups are necessary for patients with severe diabetes.

Both clinicians and patients should understand the way diabetes affects general and oral health. So Promoting awareness of oral complications and establishing an understanding is really important.

And it is important to take all necessary steps to promptly detect early and address oral complications.

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