Dentofacts Shorts

What is the need of Root Canal Treatment?

Before we jump into the Root canal treatment, let’s understand what is root canal? A “root canal” is not a treatment, but part of a tooth. It is the hollow section of a tooth that contains the nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells, also known as the pulp.

Bleeding gums, bleeding mouth facts

Did you ever focus on your gums while brushing? Did you notice at any time that you felt your gums bleeding? Bleeding gums is an early sign of gum disease. Don't ignore your bleeding gums. Consult your dentist immediately.

Questions to ask Dentist before Dental Implant

Here are a few important questions you need to remember and ask your dentist before you proceed with your dental implant. Will there be any Discomfort.

What are the reasons for yellow teeth?

Teeth are naturally yellowish white in color, but if your teeth look more yellowish then that means your teeth are about to compromise aesthetically. Here are the few reasons mentioned below by which teeth change to yellowish.

Your Oral Health is Your Total Health

We Human beings, to live and survive consume food as a basic need. How many of us have thought that food we consume orally is keeping one's dental health in good condition.

When do you need to visit a Dentist?

Here are the few major reasons which will tell you when to visit a dentist. If you are facing any such tooth problems, then you need to visit a dentist.

Five things to do daily for a healthy teeth

Teeth are something which are needed to have food daily, they help for us to chew the food, so that we can have our food. We need to make sure our teeth are healthy and to this has to be taken care by ourselves.

Have you observed Dental Erosion in your Teeth?

Dental Erosion is something, when the removal of enamel layer and exposure of dentin layer present in the tooth. Dental Erosion is caused while there is an increase in the intake of the citrus fruit juices (like orange, lemon), sour candies and swishing acidic beverages.

What to do with dark cavities on teeth?

By following these tips you can overcome the dark cavities at the initial stages, in case you are already having the dark cavities, you need to visit a doctor.

Healthy diet to keep your teeth healthy

By having these vitamins, calcium, fluoride & phosphorus in your regular diet, you can make sure your oral health is at its best & healthy.