Maqintosh Blue Reserve

Maqintosh Blue Reserve

Maqintosh Blue Reserve

  • Alcohol : Whiskey

  • ABV : 42.8%

  • Country : India

  • Brand : Amrut

  • Category :

  • Color :

  • Flavour : The nose is malty and nutty with a good almond touch and notes of ginger, oak, allspice, and clove. However, the taste is spicy with clove, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger notes, along with touches of brown sugar and honey.

First released in 1982, maqintosh available premium whisky quickly captured the imagination of whisky lovers in india being one of the first whisky brands in india to contain single malts produced in india. Today, the maqintosh brand is in over 22 countries worldwide.

Whiskey by Brand: Amrut