Roulette Premium Whisky

Roulette Premium Whisky

Roulette Premium Whisky

  • Alcohol : Whiskey

  • ABV : 42.8%

  • Country : India

  • Brand : Roulette

  • Category : Blended Whisky

  • Color :

  • Flavour : Fruit and honey with a dash of smoky malt. On the palate, deep creamy flavours of vanilla are followed by a hint of fruitiness. The American oak casks give it a rich smokiness that will take you by surprise. Enjoy the drink neat or as a highball.

A definite game-changer, roulette whisky is a blended whisky of high quality indian grain matured in ex-bourbon casks with a balanced blend of peated and unpeated malt spirit, thus offering hitherto unheard, unseen and untasted flavours in the popular premium blended whisky segment in india.

Whiskey by Brand: Roulette