Hanukkah John

Hanukkah John

A keen observer of emotions in people. An explorer of something that is so valid enough but cannot be seen through mere eyes. I believe every human is unique in his or her own thinking pattern or personality. Trying to take tiny steps in the change of outlook towards mental health, I aspire to be a psychologist.

It is thrilling as I realize in my journey that human mind is an unending discovery. I am pursuing my degree in English, Journalism and Psychology. Looking forward to intern in journalism or psychology fields.

Articles by Hanukkah John

It is OK.. to not be ok !!! - Hanukkah John

ByHanukkah Johnon29th Dec 2020
Ever felt that you are worthless or a burden to others? Ever felt so exhausted mentally? Ever felt sad not for a day or two but for weeks continuously? I'm not talking about grieving over a loss but feeling sad for something which you could have let go easily at least after a day or two. Have you ever found yourself lying in bed all day continuously for days doing no
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