How to find out that your partner has a toxic personality?

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon10th Apr 2024
Identifying a toxic personality in a partner can be challenging, as toxic behavior often manifests gradually and may be disguised by other traits. However, there are some signs and red flags that may indicate that your partner has a toxic personality. Here's how to recognize and address toxic behavior in a partner: Trust Your Gut: Pay attention to your instincts and feelings about the rel

For what reasons do relationships fail?

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon20th Mar 2024
Relationships can fail for various reasons, and the dynamics of each relationship are unique. However, there are some common factors that can contribute to relationship failure: Poor Communication: Communication breakdown is one of the primary reasons relationships fail. Lack of effective communication can lead to misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts, and feelings of resentment. Lack of

UnConditional Love in a Couples Relationship

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon28th Jan 2023
It is commonly said that Women are complex in mental nature while Men remain easy to understand and simple. Whatever be the reasons that backup this comment, in relationships both Men and Women follow slightly diverted paths. What Men look for in a relationship is not what motivates Women to fall in relationships. The differences in desires, mentalities, passion, expression levels etc.,

Expectations and Freedom in a Relationship

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon18th Jan 2023
People having expectations in a relationship and willing to have freedom in relationships are few of the main reasons for not having a peaceful and healthy relationship with each other. Having or Setting some unrealistic expectations to have in a relationship can contribute to ending their marriage. Honestly both the people should be open in communication to each other in terms of the expectatio

Lessons Learnt from three years of Relationship

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon25th Feb 2021
Living together for almost three years is a good amount of journey in your life. For me atleast like, part of me feels like time is absolutely flying and the other half feels like we have been married for three years. We have certainly not been perfect, but I'm gonna share fews lessons which I learnt out of these three years which I spent in my relationship. 1. Importanc

Bangalore to Ooty Trip Plan

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon2nd Dec 2020
Three days Trip from Bangalore Ooty Bangalore, If you are a Couple riding on Bike or You are a Family driving in Car, then this three days plan works very well. Below is the route mentioned where you can plan accordingly, if at all you need to spend some more time in some place in the list, you can skip the next place in the planned route. Ooty known as the Queen of the hill stations in South In

Openness in a Couples Relationships can be Secret/Private

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon14th Jun 2020
In a healthy romantic relationship, as time goes on trust is earned, and we eventually open up more & more. Based on each others mutual respect & valuing, couples are sometimes unclear in how much they should or want to share within each other. Each of them have right to privacy and each decide, how much to share or how much to open up. Few are too open or soon offer
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