Expectations and Freedom in a Relationship

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon18th Jan 2023, 2023-01-18T07:00:00+05:30
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Expectations and Freedom in a Relationship

People having expectations in a relationship and willing to have freedom in relationships are few of the main reasons for not having a peaceful and healthy relationship with each other.

Having or Setting some unrealistic expectations to have in a relationship can contribute to ending their marriage.

Honestly both the people should be open in communication to each other in terms of the expectations and freedom. Having or setting expectations for one time before getting into a relationship doesn’t work, both should be often communicating what each other expects from each other. Afterall expectations and freedom change with the relationship growth.

Let’s see how realistic expectations look and how freedom comes out of it

  • Trusting each other, if trust is gone then both have to repair it.
  • Speaking well to each other, Words out of mouth are like bullets out of gun, they can’t be taken back (proverb).
  • Show respect to each other, a core one.
  • Share responsibilities, marriage is a partnership.

And how unrealistic expectations look like is, expecting your partners to read your mind and understand what to be done.

  • Expecting people won’t change, we all change and grow, grow together.
  • Expecting your partner should be around you always, Even though you are married, each of you are individual persons and each of them should be for each other.
  • Your way is the right way, marriage needs a compromise because both are coming from different backgrounds and experiences. Compromise in marriage is a beautiful thing.
  • Thinking your partner is responsible for your happiness, you are the only one responsible for your happiness, you cannot put that responsibility on another person.

Each individual in a relationship will have expectations and each of them should have realistic ones and take it forwards with good communication. Hope everyone finds peace of freedom in their relationship, with realistic expectations.

If you are an intelligent person then you stick to the expectations of the other person in a relationship, also you provide enough freedom. If you are a genius, then you will have zero expectations in a relationship and you will have enough freedom with this.

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