UnConditional Love in a Couples Relationship

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon28th Jan 2023, 2023-08-24T08:20:00+05:30
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UnConditional Love in a Couples Relationship

It is commonly said that Women are complex in mental nature while Men remain easy to understand and simple. Whatever be the reasons that backup this comment, in relationships both Men and Women follow slightly diverted paths. What Men look for in a relationship is not what motivates Women to fall in relationships. The differences in desires, mentalities, passion, expression levels etc., are resulted from some unknown causes; might be hormonal differences, mindset changes or social concepts.

Women get time to be settled in a relationship, but if settled down, they remain dedicated and sacrificing for it; while Men jump into relationships so easily and get out of it with same easiness. However, experts say that if provided with the requirements and if matched with his desires, even Men ardently remain in the relationships.

UnConditional Love ??

UnConditional Love is the active choice to Love someone no matter what may come your way.

In UnConditional Love, satisfaction comes from putting someone else first and prioritizing their health and happiness with no expectation of reward for yourself. Experts agree that this is only possible if you first practice unconditional Love with yourself.

  • Practice open communication, so that both of your needs can be met.
  • Communicate in a non-defensive way. Express your feelings while listening and taking the other person's feelings into account.
  • Don't let the little annoyances of life override your Love. Unconditional Love means seeing past the squabbles about the little things in life. If you have a commitment of Love that is larger than those things, you will have staying power.
  • Share power in your relationship. No one person should get everything they want, or this will lead to resentment by the other person.

One thing is certain; relationships that are completely lacking in unconditional Love are unlikely to succeed. Beliefs and Lifestyle are likely to change over time.

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