Checklist for building an Eco-Friendly Home

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon29th Jan 2023, 2023-01-29T08:00:00+05:30
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Checklist for building an Eco-Friendly Home

To build a home, which makes low-impact environmentally. And built using materials & technology that lowers its energy needs in future. And also make sure built home is reliable for few decades with minimal energy spent on it.

To do this, you have to consider Energy? what Sustainable materials to be used? how it impacts on our health? And what is costs

Before getting into the details of each individual items, lets make a checklist of few things a human needs in day to day life. Below is the checklist.


  • Land + Compound Wall + Lot of Trees - yeah you need this
  • Thermal insulation, Walls & Roof - to absorb/release the heat
  • Borewell - for water
  • Photovoltaic panels - for electric energy
  • Vegetable patch + Geothermal heating + Farming - for food
  • Greywater collection + Composting toilet - for reuseable water
  • Biogas Plant - for gas
  • Rainwater harvesting - for water
  • Wind turbine - for extra energy
  • Garden / Mini Forest + Pond + Bicycle - for Lifestyle
  • Gear - for all this above work

If you start thinking with the above list, then you will be able to visualize a small home in a small forest with necessary needs.

Let read the in-details of each item in the list in the future articles. Thanks for reading the article, for more science and technology related articles read our peoples blog articles.

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