Cooking Food with Solar Power at Home

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon18th Jul 2022, 2022-12-01T08:00:00+05:30
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Cooking Food with Solar Power at Home

On PeoplesBLOG, we were writing articles related to Eco friendly homes and how to use Solar energy and along the same lines, in this article we are going to see how people can cook their food with Solar energy.

Generally majority of the people nowadays use Gas stoves for Cooking at home and Solar is one of the best case of the replacement for this. People can make a major change on the Environment by switching from regular Gas stoves to Solar based stoves.

Solar energy is the energy by which the Life on the earth is progressing, like for all plants, animals and almost all living beings on this Earth. And Solar is renewable and free too.

Their are different ways or types of cookers which are available or which can be built at home

  1. A Cooker or Stove that directly works with Solar energy.
  2. A Cooker which works with Electricity and Electricity is generated from Solar energy.

Ideally the second way or type is the optimal way of using Solar energy, because it is more efficient and reliable.

Let’s see in details of the above two ways or types:

If you want to heat water, then the first option works very well because the Stove needs to be in the sunlight and heating the water can be done outside the home and one can use the hot water later inside the home for any purpose.

If you want to build a Solar Stove at home, this is a very old school approach and it's more or less the same way the Solar water heaters work at home. 

And available solar cookers will work as below.

  • These Solar stoves will be working because of sunlight, for example if sunlight hits a surface area of 1 sq mtr, about 1000 watts of solar energy will be available on the surface.
  • And the sunlight is concentrated in the cooking area, which ideally uses mirrors or reflective surfaces. Means the more sunlight the more energy generated.
  • In the market, there are Solar Box cookers available, which are insulated or painted black on the inside to absorb a good amount of sunlight, and there will be reflective panels that will allow more sunlight into the cooking chamber.
  • Mostly the cooking experience will be more like a microwave or oven. 

Other type of Solar cookers are with Solar panels and Solar steamers

  • This type of solar cooker will use passive solar energy, where reflectors are used to concentrate the energy on the central focal point at the bottom of the pot.
  • When we compare this to the regular solar box cookers, Solar panel cookers are fast. But they need focused sunlight during the cooking.
  • Solar steamers will work in a similar manner.

And in regards to the second option, Cooker which works with Electricity and Electricity is generated from Solar energy is the efficient way.

  • In this approach, people generally have solar panels and electricity generated from solar energy will be stored in the batteries, and we can use efficient electric cookers for cooking food.
  • This approach is far more reliable and more efficient.

To conclude, Using solar energy for cooking will help the environment a lot. Thanks for reading the article, Do read PeoplesBLOG articles for other interesting stuff.

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