Chittaranjan Das

Chittaranjan Das

Chittaranjan Das (1870-1925), often referred to as Deshbandhu ("Friend of the Nation"), was an eminent Indian freedom fighter, lawyer, and political leader during the Indian independence movement. He played a crucial role in advocating for India's self-rule and worked alongside other prominent leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose.

Here are some key points about Chittaranjan Das:

  1. Early Life and Education: Chittaranjan Das was born on November 5, 1870, in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India. He came from a distinguished family with a legacy of social and political involvement.
  2. Legal Career: Das studied law and became a prominent lawyer. His legal acumen earned him a reputation in the legal community, and he handled several important cases.
  3. Swadeshi Movement: Das actively participated in the Swadeshi Movement, which aimed to promote Indian goods and boycott British goods. He played a significant role in organizing protests against the British colonial government's economic policies.
  4. Political Leadership: Das emerged as a leader of the Indian National Congress. He advocated for a more radical approach to the fight for Indian self-rule and was known for his eloquent speeches and writings.
  5. Bengal Partition Protest: Das led protests against the partition of Bengal in 1905, which was seen as a divisive move by the British authorities. His efforts contributed to the eventual annulment of the partition.
  6. Non-Cooperation Movement: Das supported Mahatma Gandhi's call for non-cooperation with the British government. He resigned from his position as a lawyer and joined the movement, emphasizing nonviolent protest.
  7. Swaraj Party: After a split in the Indian National Congress in 1922, Das founded the Swaraj Party along with Motilal Nehru. The party aimed to work within the legislative system to push for self-rule.
  8. Political Activism: Das was imprisoned multiple times for his involvement in various protests and movements against British rule.
  9. Legacy: Chittaranjan Das is remembered for his unwavering commitment to India's freedom struggle and his efforts to unite different factions within the Indian National Congress. His emphasis on constructive work, nonviolence, and political unity left a lasting impact on the course of India's fight for independence.

Chittaranjan Das's contributions as a lawyer, political leader, and advocate for India's self-rule continue to inspire generations of Indians and stand as a testament to his dedication to the cause of a free and independent India.

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