The Crane and the Crab

The Crane and the Crab

In a serene pond surrounded by lush greenery, lived a crane named Kamal. Kamal was known for his long legs and sharp beak, but more so for his sly and cunning nature. On the banks of the pond, there resided a wise crab named Chandan.

One day, Kamal approached Chandan with a proposition. "Dear Chandan," said Kamal with a devious smile, "I've heard there's a bountiful harvest of fish in the deeper waters of the pond. I'm willing to share my findings with you, but my beak isn't suited for catching them. Would you let me ride on your back, and we can both enjoy the feast?"

Chandan, though wise, was trusting and agreed to Kamal's proposal. The next day, Kamal hopped onto Chandan's back, and they ventured into the deeper waters. But instead of guiding Chandan to the promised harvest, Kamal seized the opportunity to snatch up the unsuspecting fish with his long beak.

Chandan, feeling betrayed, confronted Kamal. "You deceived me! We had an agreement for mutual benefit," he protested.

Kamal, unapologetic, replied, "It's the way of the world, my dear. The cunning always find a way to thrive."

Undeterred, Chandan decided to teach Kamal a lesson. The wise crab proposed another outing, but this time, he suggested going ashore. Kamal, blinded by his greed, agreed without suspicion.

As they reached the shore, Chandan scurried towards the trees, where a group of crows perched. "Crows, crows!" Chandan called out, "Look at this crane trying to harm you. He's your enemy!"

The crows, known for their intelligence, circled Kamal, cawing loudly. Frightened and outnumbered, Kamal pleaded for mercy. Chandan, seeing Kamal's fear, spoke, "Just as you deceived me, you were deceived. Remember, cunning may lead to short-term gain, but honesty and trust bring enduring prosperity."

The crows, understanding the lesson, let Kamal go. Humiliated and enlightened, Kamal flew away, while Chandan returned to the pond, wiser and content in the knowledge that honesty and trust are the foundations of true prosperity.

The moral of the story is that deceit and cunning may bring short-term gain, but genuine trust and honesty lead to lasting prosperity.

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