The crow and the pitcher

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The crow and the pitcher

Once upon a scorching summer day, a thirsty crow searched desperately for water. After a long flight, the crow finally spotted a pitcher in a garden. Eager with anticipation, the crow hurriedly flew down to the pitcher, hoping to find relief from its thirst.

However, much to the crow's disappointment, the water level in the pitcher was too low for it to reach with its beak. The crow tried pecking at the pitcher, but it only succeeded in splashing a few drops onto the dry ground.

Undeterred, the clever crow looked around and noticed that there were pebbles scattered nearby. An idea formed in its intelligent mind. The crow picked up the pebbles, one by one, and dropped them into the pitcher. With each pebble added, the water level gradually rose.

After several attempts, the water level reached a point where the crow could now drink to its satisfaction. The crow quenches its thirst, feeling triumphant over its resourcefulness.

The moral of the story is that intelligence and resourcefulness can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. The crow, faced with a problem, didn't give up but instead used its intelligence to find a solution. This fable encourages us to think creatively and adapt to challenges, showcasing the power of cleverness and persistence in overcoming obstacles.

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