The Princess and the Seven Swans

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The Princess and the Seven Swans

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there was a wise and kind king who had seven sons and a beautiful daughter named Eliza. The queen, unfortunately, had passed away, and the king remarried. However, the new queen was an evil sorceress who despised the king's children, especially Eliza.

One day, the wicked queen cast a spell on Eliza's seven brothers, turning them into swans. The curse could only be broken if Eliza wove shirts from nettles and remained silent until the task was complete.

Heartbroken but determined to save her brothers, Eliza set out on a journey to find the nettles. She traveled through forests and crossed mountains, facing numerous challenges along the way. Throughout her quest, Eliza remained steadfast, gathering nettles despite the thorns that pricked her hands.

In her travels, Eliza encountered a kind queen who provided her with guidance and assistance. The queen taught Eliza the magic words that could break the silence spell once her task was complete.

Eliza continued her journey, weaving the nettles into shirts. However, word of her mission reached the wicked stepmother. Fearing the princess's success, the queen devised a plan to thwart her.

As Eliza neared the completion of her task, the wicked queen stole the shirts and threw them into the river. Heartbroken and unable to speak, Eliza watched as the shirts were carried away by the current.

Undeterred, Eliza dove into the river and retrieved the shirts. With tears in her eyes, she continued weaving. When the shirts were finally ready, Eliza placed them over her brothers' swan forms.

At that moment, the evil queen appeared, determined to stop Eliza. But the magic words spoken by the kind queen broke the silence spell, and Eliza, with love in her heart, called out the names of her brothers.

The swans transformed back into princes, and the wicked queen's powers were broken. The king, grateful and overjoyed to have his children restored, banished the sorceress from the kingdom.

Eliza and her brothers lived happily ever after, grateful for the love and determination that had broken the curse. The kingdom rejoiced in the return of the lost princes, and the tale of "The Princess and the Seven Swans" became a beloved story of courage, sacrifice, and the power of familial love.

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