The Wicked Lion and the Hare

The Wicked Lion and the Hare

In a dense and vibrant forest, there lived a wicked lion named Karna. Karna was feared by all the animals because of his cruel and unjust ways. One day, he came across a wise and quick-witted hare named Hari.

Karna, driven by his wicked nature, decided to make Hari's life miserable. He would often threaten the hare, boasting about his strength and power. However, Hari, being wise, always managed to escape the clutches of the wicked lion.

One day, Karna, tired of the cat-and-mouse game, approached Hari with a sinister grin. "Hari," he snarled, "I'm tired of chasing you. Tomorrow, at noon, I'll catch you and make a meal out of you. There's no escape."

Hari, instead of panicking, calmly replied, "Oh mighty lion, I understand. But could you grant me a final wish before you feast on me?"

Intrigued, Karna agreed, thinking that the hare's wish wouldn't matter.

Hari then said, "Dear lion, before you devour me, could we go to the edge of the pond and see my reflection? I want to take one last look at myself and admire the beautiful creature I am."

Curious and somewhat vain, Karna agreed to the request. They reached the pond, and as Karna looked at his reflection, Hari said, "Oh mighty lion, do you see that strong and fearsome lion in the water? That's you, the king of the forest!"

Karna, flattered by his own reflection, nodded in agreement. At that moment, Hari swiftly hopped away and said, "Thank you for fulfilling my last wish, mighty lion. Now, I must bid you farewell."

Realizing he had been tricked, Karna roared in anger, but the clever hare was already out of reach, disappearing into the safety of the forest.

The moral of the story is that wit and cleverness can outsmart brute strength. It encourages us to use our intelligence to navigate challenges and emphasizes that sometimes, even in the face of adversity, a wise mind can triumph over raw power.

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