Bangalore to Pondicherry Solo Trip plan

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon4th Dec 2022, 2022-12-04T16:15:00+05:30
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Bangalore to Pondicherry Solo Trip plan

Two to Three days trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry, If you are Solo riding on a MotorBike or You are a Family driving in a Car, then this two to three days plan works very well.

Among the touristers Pondicherry is famous for its rich French essence of architecture of buildings in the White town area. Also it's famous for beaches and it's one of the good places for Solo travelers. Let's see the route plan and what to see.


Bangalore -> Hosur -> Krishnagiri -> Tiruvannamalai -> Tindivanam -> Pondicherry 

(This is the route where public transport between Bangalore and Pondicherry would generally move, due to road upgrades in this route, I suggest the alternative route.)

Bangalore -> Chittoor -> Arcot -> Cheyyar -> Vandavasi -> Tindivanam -> Pondicherry

Bangalore -> Chittoor

  • It’s around 200 KM from Bangalore, better to start early in the morning may be 5:00 AM. Starting anywhere from Bangalore, you need to ride towards Hyderabad on NH 69.
  • You can take a break anywhere between, there are food joints over here every 20 KM to 30 KM (This route is generally busy with Bangalore to Tirumala travelers).
  • You would reach around 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM based on your break.

Chittoor -> Arcot -> Cheyyar -> Vandavasi -> Tindivanam -> Pondicherry

  • It’s around 160 KM from Chittoor to Pondicherry, you will be on NH 40 till Arcot and then divert into the State Highway 5 until you reach Tindivanam, then you divert into NH 32 (It’s really a good route around 40 KM, Great landscape as well)
  • Entire route is really not very busy, but it would be nice to get into such a SH, after NH journey.
  • You can take breaks for little food after Cheyyar and before Tindivanam. This stretch is with many villages and you get fruits and coconut generally.
  • One more important thing, after Tindivanam, you might not get a Petrol Pump on the highway till you reach Pondicherry (head-up).
  • You might reach around 12:30 or 1:00, take some rest till evening.


  • I suggest you get a place for a night or two within the White Town area, you can experience the French essence there.
  • On the first day after 4:00 PM you can take a walk on the beach road from one end to the other end. You can see the War memorial, Gandhi Statue and beaches. It would be nice around the evening.
  • Get into some place for dinner, there are many options on the beach road.
  • Next morning, Visit the same beach road for the Sunrise. You get a good view of the sunrise on a good day.
  • After you freshen up, Roam around the White town and you can see French architecture of the buildings. You can spend nearly half a day or entire day based on your interest.
  • Later in the day, If time permits visit the Churches in the area and then Sri Aurobindo Ashram within the White Town.
  • Take the rest for the day after having dinner at another place within White town.
  • Next day, you can visit the Paradise beach (around 10 KM to 15 KM) OR you can visit Pichavaram Mangrove Forest (around 60 KM). I suggest you visit Pichavaram Mangrove Forest. It's a good place worth visiting. It takes half a day to travel around the grove forest on the small boat, a really good experience.

Pondicherry -> Bangalore

  • Make sure to leave the place around 4:00 so that you can reach Bangalore before 10:00.
  • You can take the same route if you are returning from Paradise beach Or If you are returning from Pichavaram, the best route is to reach Salem from here and from Salem take NH 44 towards Bangalore.

Few more additional inputs

  1. If you are taking fewer breaks then you can complete your trip within two days, Where you can explore White town and Beach road on the first day, so that on the second day you can leave for Bangalore.
  2. If you are taking a regular route, you come across Tiruvannamalai temple. It is a temple worth visiting.

To conclude, you might have a clear picture of how to plan your trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry and the places to visit in Pondicherry. Thanks for reading the article, for more travel related articles read our peoples blog articles.

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