People still say yes to Condoms, instead of Birth Control

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon6th Dec 2022, 2022-12-06T08:00:00+05:30
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People still say yes to Condoms, instead of Birth Control

Generally when you don’t want to get any byproduct out of your pleasure, then you tend to have birth control or an IUD, Intrauterine device or an Implant. But many people will still prefer to use condoms instead of other stuff. I think there are many good reasons behind that, let's see what are those.

  1. Easy available method to avoid Pregnancy or any STIs
  2. No need of a Prescription
  3. Cost and Availability
  4. Psychological advantages of Internal Condom

1. Easy available method to avoid pregnancy or any STIs

  • In reality, Condoms will really protect from both Pregnancy or with any STIs. In case of other approaches, like taking pills etc there are chances they might fail you.
  • Because of this strong sole reason, many people will prefer Condoms over any birth control pills or some other.
  • And for any STIs, you must use Condoms because for birth control you can use pills for STDs you sure need condoms.

2. No need of a Prescription

  • You really don’t need a doctor's prescription to purchase the condoms from the drug store.
  • And at the same time, if you need to buy some birth control pills or IUD, a doctor's or medical provider's input is needed.

3. Cost and Availability

  • You can find condoms at less price when compared to birth control pills or IUDs.
  • In fact, you can get it for free as well in some places (Many governments provide free to spread the awareness of safe sex).
  • In terms of Availability, you can get from almost all drug stores.
  • In the case of free ones, you can get them from clinics or health fairs or a few public places as well.

4. Psychological advantages of Internal Condom

  • You might have come across condoms which generally men will use on their penis In case you might have not come across, there are Internal condoms as well where women can use inside their vagina.
  • These are sometimes psychological helpful, where a male doesn’t need to wear a condom for having an intercourse (at least before starting the session).
  • In some cases, there is no need for women to put pressure on men to wear condoms to have an intercourse.
  • Kind of a pro tip, it needs some level of preparedness for a woman to have an internal condom and get used to it for an intercourse.
  • Sometimes using internal condoms could be messy, if both are kind of uncomfortable with it.

To conclude, I can say People still prefer condoms over any other birth control pills or others. These above reasons are some of the known reasons for still using condoms. Thanks for reading the article, for more lifestyle related articles read our peoples blog articles.

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