Friend, What comes to your mind, When you hear this word?

ByLeela Vasundharaon2nd Apr 2022, 2022-12-01T08:00:00+05:30
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Friend, What comes to your mind, When you hear this word?

One line would be someone whom we are fond of talking to or spending time with.

Usually, he/she is someone apart from a family member, with whom you share a good bond, which might be fun, compassion, empathy, or maybe a few common interests with them.

Seldom, friendships are formed among unexpected people and in uncertain circumstances.  Whatever it may be, there is a belief that we meet people for a reason and meeting transform into friendships has got to teach us something.

As heard from people, few turn out to be good friends or bad friends. Good or bad friends, it is the name that we give for our interactions and conversations that we had with them which tells good or bad, and not about the person to be specific.

Few friends are the casual type like you could share some interests with them, talk sometimes but it is not deep friendship as it was to be. Few others are close like you spend time with them whenever you can, experience ups and downs, and yet remain good friends of yours. Sometimes it happens like the two of you won’t talk for some time, but once started again, it feels like you have never been apart. You feel secure in such friendships.

Few friends help us to improve our emotional well-being, with whom although you never recognized them as close as other friends. Such friendships are born at the time when your emotions are taken care of rather than mere situations.

Few of such bonds would have started with defining profound moments. 

Few others are smaller gestures that make a difference like who talks when you need someone to talk to, who listens to us patiently without judging, and someone who can finish your sentences and vice versa. 

There should exist clear communication and mutual trust between friends, which forms a basis for a long-lasting friendship.

These interactions with others make us feel good about ourselves, enhance our self-esteem,  keep our minds sharp, and in a way push us forward in life to take challenges as they come.

We should try to seek good in others and be respectful in each interaction. Remember that we don’t know which good friends that we make today will turn out to be friends for life.

Similarities exist as well as differences between friends, that’s what helps in keeping the bond alive.

How much ever we get busy with life, taking out time for the ones who made us smile when we needed one, are referred to as friends maybe.

Friends, old or new, will continue to shape us into our better selves. It is a thing to be cherished and kept for a lifetime.

To end, Sometimes friends grow apart, changing life paths, and dimensions, so does everyone, all come and go, keep on good terms till you have got one.

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