Get more Pleasure from Lotus position!

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon12th Dec 2022, 2023-07-05T15:45:00+05:30
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Get more Pleasure from Lotus position!

People have coitus in different positions, generally what they most like. And Lotus position is one of the such positions where you get to see and talk to your partner in a relaxed manner during your intimate intercourse.

So what is the Lotus position? - having an intimate intercourse by facing the partner by sitting as close as you both can, wrap your legs around their body and partner doing the same. You both can see and talk to each other.

You people need to try this!

  • You can be very slow or really soulful or you can be fast and go wild here with this position, because you will have a good opportunity with your hands in control of your partner's neck and thighs.
  • If you need to talk intimate during your intercourse, then this is one of the good positions, where you can see face to face and talk to as well, most importantly very relaxed.
  • You need a quicke while sitting on bed, then this is one best option.
  • If you want to use any toys, then this is one such good position which provides the best view of happening here. You can witness your partner orgasms live.
  • Your hands are the players in this position, if it is related to your partner's neck or boobs or torse or thighs, your hands will have control over your partner's body.

Add some spice to this?

Basically Lotus position is kinda spicy, but with certain variations you people can make it more spicy and get most of the pleasure from this position. Some of such things are mentioned below.

  • Your partner can keep their hands behind them and lean backwards.
  • Hug heart to heart tightly.
  • You can achieve deep penetration with a slow grinding.
  • Receiving partner wrapping their legs tight around penetrating partner.
  • Penetrating partner grabbing hips or butt of the receiver.
  • You can do some mouth to nipple activity.
  • You can also try some bouncing in this position.

And some other innovative things can be done to make your coitus experience better on your own.

There might be some uneasiness like

  • One partner takes the weight of the person, in case the body weight is huge.
  • Kind of both need to have open hips, if it's making it a bit difficult to keep open hips, you can do yoga.

Overall to conclude, people having intimate intercourse with this position can really get better pleasure and also try a few innovative things of their own. Thanks for reading the article, for more lifestyle related articles read our peoples blog articles.

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