How to Have a Better Sex?

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon12th Dec 2022, 2022-12-12T08:00:00+05:30
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How to Have a Better Sex?

For all people to have a healthy relationship, people need to have healthy communication. Many of us might have ended up with an unsatisfied sex, but did you really communicate this with your partner?

Actually one should not be silent though, ideally should speak about it, but how and when, I would leave it to the people, anyways they have their own ways of presentations and explanations.

Generally with new partners too, both wish to work out fine, rather than having a conversation before starting to be on the same page.

So If we talk about the tips or suggestions for people who are already in an established relationship or people who are new to this, Communication is the key.

  1. Communicate what you want
  2. Communicate to be ready
  3. Communicate in the correct approach

Communicate what you want

  • Sometimes this might not be relevant to the new partners, but for the people who are in a actively having sex, they need to be communicating of what they need individually.
  • Each partner will have their own fantasies, and communicating this with your partner is needed so that you both can accomplish this.
  • For new partners as well, they can talk if both are open to this, but generally speaking new partners will tend to follow the book of what they have learnt and will hope for the best most of the time. But there's no harm in communicating if both people are open towards it.
  • Sometimes, people wish to have a counseling or a sex educater in between them, so that they can communicate this. Generally this would go to the people who are a bit shy towards their partner.

Communicate to be ready

  • People will have so many thoughts about the day to day sex or very time sex with there partners.
  • Mostly it might be related to the STIs or taking Birth pills or having Condoms or right time between periods (for some people who generally don’t use pills or condoms).
  • Partners should be communicating this like they are really ready to to have a sex or they should not, because of various such reasons.
    • If you people are willing to have kids, have sex during the mid days of the periods (14th day to 20th day).
    • If you are not really happy with wearing condoms, just communicate this to your partner.
    • If you want to explore something new in your sex life, then communicate this with your partner.
  • Both the partners need to be ready and then jump into there sexual drive, so that both can have better sex.

Communicate in the correct approach

  • Sometimes these might be really tough communication to have with your partner, but how and when you communicate with your partner is really up to you and you have to communicate in the current time and in the correct approach.
  • You both need to make sure you don’t get into a fight or you both need to watch your tone and time or you need to remember it is your intimate life and you both need to be on the same page to get the best out of it.

Overall to conclude, people need to communicate better to have a better sex life. Thanks for reading the article, for more lifestyle related articles read our peoples blog articles.

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