Get to know one's Personality Type

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Get to know one's Personality Type

Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Way to identify the personality type of the person, his/her strengths, and preferences in life. Based on the set of questions and answers to it, one’s personality type can be assessed.

So, here we go, choose your response, and pick the letter corresponding to that set of questions if you agree.

The questions fall under four categories which are described below.

1. Are you outwardly or inwardly focused?


  • Talkative, outgoing.
  • Prefer fast paced environment
  • Work out ideas with others.
  • Enjoy being the center of attention.


  • Reserved, private.
  • Prefer slower pace with time for contemplation.
  • Think inside your head.
  • Observe rather than being the center of attention.

2. How do you prefer to take in new information?


  • Focusing on the real picture of the things.
  • Paying attention to concrete facts and details.
  • Prefer practical applications of ideas.
  • Being specific in describing things.


  • Imagining the possibilities of things.
  • Noticing the big picture and how everything connects.
  • Prefer ideas as they are.
  • Describing things in a figurative way.

3. How do you prefer to make new decisions?


  • Logically decide and not consider personal things.
  • Giving importance to justice and fairness.
  • Finding flaws in the argument.
  • Reasonable and level-headed in the process of deciding.


  • Considering personal things and how one’s actions affects others.
  • Giving importance to forgiveness and harmony.
  • Pleasing manner and seeing the best in people.
  • Warm and empathetic.

4. How do you prefer to live your outer life?


  • Keeping matters settled.
  • Respecting rules and deadlines.
  • Follow detailed and step-by-step instructions.
  • Planning and knowing what is happening.


  • Leaving options open.
  • Flexible with rules and deadlines.
  • Make and improvise as you go on.
  • Spontaneous and happy with new things.

Now, you would have got four letters from the above four questions.

Check your overall personality type in the table given below.


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