Is Feedback really necessary in Person's Life?

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon25th Apr 2021, 2022-12-01T08:00:00+05:30
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Is Feedback really necessary in Person's Life?

Is feedback really necessary? Do people really care about the given feedback? Do people really care to give feedback? It all depends on the situation and people, whether to give or take the given feedback. And honestly everyone has their own views to consider or not to consider the feedback.

Every individual might have come across many people giving/taking the feedback in their Life, like Teachers, Lecturer, Senior Staff in Schools & Colleges, Colleagues at workplaces etc..

Is feedback really necessary?

  • Yes, in certain cases.. like Teacher sharing the status report feedback of Student with his/her Parents.
  • A Lecturer sharing his/her feedback of internal project done by Student.
  • A senior staff member at college giving feedback or suggesting, how to prepare for placements at college.
  • Sharing feedback with a colleague, on how the team can improve productivity with smart work.

Do people really care about the given feedback?

Let's take example of students & colleagues. Do they really take such feedbacks? sometimes they take & sometimes they ignore.

  • While Teacher is sharing status report feedback with Student's parent. Toppers feel it as appreciation, few students feel it as complaint & few of them like me say Parents are not at home today, they won't be coming to school for status report meeting.
  • While a Lecturer is sharing feedback of an internal project. Few students will see how they can improvise. Few students feel, If Lecturer has done his/her internal project well.. Lecturer would have been doing some great things in the world.. why would he be as a Lecturer.
  • While a senior staff member is suggesting how to prepare for placements. Few students may take it seriously & prepare for it. And few don't care at all, because they might have their own family business.
  • While a collegue is sharing feedback. Few of them might take it and be part of it. And few of them might feel like this person is playing with them.

Do people really care to give feedback?

Let's see the other side of things, It is with the people who give the feedback. Do people really care to give right feedback? or they just tell something because of some reasons and dependencies.

  • Teachers while sharing the feedback to the parents of student, do they really have that amount time to analyse about a particular student and give feedback. No, feedback given by teachers is mostly based on how student is writing assignments and on marks they have scored. Similar case will go for the Lecturer & senior staff members of school & colleges.
  • And in the corporate world, feedback given to a person will be on many factors which you might not think of. Thats okay, one can understand.. its a business. And also their are few colleagues who really give good and reasonable feedback.

Finally, If you see how parents, friends & relatives give the feedback.. Its a different story and importantly "expectation" will play a major role is such feedbacks.

And to conclude, Feedbacks are part of life for any person.. But considering the feedback or not considering the feedback is completely upto that person.


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