Oranges - Let us know how to peel off & eat; along with its benefits

ByLeela Vasundharaon15th May 2021, 2022-12-01T08:00:00+05:30
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Oranges - Let us know how to peel off & eat; along with its benefits

Ever heard of that name, it’s a fruit which helps us to boost our immunity levels and lowers the risk of diseases.

In this lockdown time, one day I felt very tired, couldn’t continue my routine life, and coincidently, all my family members were affected with some or other illness like headache, cough, cold, backache and tiredness to do mundane things.

When we all went to the doctor, he suggested, we take Vitamin C tablets and a few others for being sick. As per doctor's suggestion, we took tablets, and now all of us are doing well by God’s grace.

We can't swallow tablets for life long right, so we should take some foods or fruits which shall help us to avoid taking those tablets.

So, after googling the foods which contain Vitamin C, orange fruit stands out from the crowd.

Now, Oranges can't be eaten like an apple, by just cutting into pieces or like a grape, by just putting it into your mouth.

Oranges, their outer layer is supposed to be peeled off, separate them into pieces, and by opening the thin layer covering each piece, and then remove if any seed or seeds are present and then have it, but not completely, just extract the juice in case it is not peeled properly. If peeled properly, you can chew it completely.

Now, Let us see how to peel off the outer layer of any orange, so that we can enjoy the fruit to its full benefits.

One requires a knife and an orange to start off with.

  • Take an orange, make a small gentle circular shape cut on the outer layer (not deep enough) by using a knife on top and bottom of it and then remove it.
  • Now, let us make a similar gentle cut on sides from top till bottom of orange. And, one can make similar circular cuts around the orange.
  • Now, we can start removing the outer layer from the place where cuts are made.
  • Continue this process, till the orange’s outer layer is completely peeled off.
  • Now, from the top of the orange, hold it in a way so that you won’t squeeze it, and then separate it into slices by holding it gently so that texture and juice is not going to be spoiled or wasted respectively.

Let’s see another way to peel the outer layer of orange.

  • Take warm water and dip an orange in it.
  • Let it be for a minute or so.
  • Now, we can see that the outer layer will easily peel off without using a knife.
  • So, by following the above steps, one can eat oranges in an easy and effective way.
  • One can have orange as it is (after peeling though), or in the form of juice, or make it a smoothie along with other fruits, or can be added to a salad.

Let us know a bit more about oranges and its benefits -  It is rich in antioxidants and high in fiber content.

So, let us experience having this delicious, tangy and sweet orange fruit :-)


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