Stop Overthinking your Thoughts of Future

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon24th Jul 2022, 2022-12-01T08:00:00+05:30
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Stop Overthinking your Thoughts of Future

Overthinking your thoughts will lead you to even more worry. If you are an overthinker or a person who thinks to take precautions for the future, then you will know exactly how it goes. Generally a problem comes to your mind, for example a worry or health or a problem at work or some sort of issue in a relationship, because of the thoughts you will be thinking about it a lot and you will try to get a solution for this as soon as possible and you will be overthinking it.

Actually, when we spend too much time thinking of thoughts, we mostly end up with the same situation of where we started.

And sometimes, people’s overthinking can result in trouble concentrating on other stuff and this can become a cycle of overthinking and may lead to serious concerns.

After reading a few articles and watching a few videos, I have found a few common strategies to calm down and come out of overthinking and to stop overthinking.

  1. Plan too much
  2. Change your activity
  3. Constantly look out for problems
  4. Focus on problem solving

1. Plan too much

  • Plan too much means, plan really too many possible ways for a problem which you think, it exists or it might come in the future.
  • If you are having too many plans like Plan A, Plan B going on Plan Z or more, then you will have a solution for your problem.
  • Good advantage of having many plans is, our mind will be busy preparing plans and will not get stuck on thinking about problems.
  • In many cases, the other Plans might be helpful in sorting out some other problem in your future.
  • For example you have many plans for your financial stability for your future like Savings, Inherited income, Active earnings and Passive earnings. Means these are the different plans which you have. In case you are not having Active incomes and Out of Savings, then your Inherited income and Passive earnings will keep you out of the problem.

2. Change your activity

  • Whenever overthinking thoughts is running in your mind, then to avoid this make a change in the current activity which you are doing.
  • If you are going through an issue related to a relationship, then think and do something related to your hobbies or the activity which you like to do.
  • Similarly, plan some changes in your day to day activity, which will make some change in your routine and this will help people to avoid such overthinking in future.
  • It's more like Training your brain to do change activities when you are overthinking something. This is a gradual process which can take some time to work it out.

3. Constantly look out for problems

  • Constantly looking out for the problems, means you can or you will be ready with your strategy to deal with the problem.
  • Importantly you need to know, this is one of the cases where it can lead to overthinking. You need to overcome this, I mean it is good to constantly look out for problems and have a strategy to deal with problems, at the same time you have to make sure you are not overthinking on the problem, which might lead you to get stuck there.
  • For example related to your health, it is good to understand your body and health and to what you are vulnerable, so that you can be prepared to deal with it. At the same time it doesn’t mean you need to visit a doctor or do a health checkup unwantedly, because you are worried about your health.

4. Focus on problem solving

  • It’s very important for your mind to focus on problem solving, and yes your strategies should help you to do this.
  • And also you need to consider, not all problems can be solved by yourself, which means there are some issues that are out of your control, like a natural disaster etc.
  • You need to focus on the stuff which you can sort it out, and for the issues which are not in your hand, you need to be prepared to cope up with the situation.

I see with the above points you might get a picture of how to avoid overthinking during a situation and you should have understood, thinking is okay to come up with strategy but not to keep thinking and be stuck there.

A good example from Mahabharatha, while Arjuna was in the battle field and saw his Teachers, Relatives and Friends on the opposite side, he was too overthinking and got to a conclusion to not do the battle. Here Krishna was there to guide Arjuna and help him to overcome the overthinking and helped Arjuna to do the battle, because it's a need to do battle to keep Dharma in line.

To conclude, at some point of life every one will fall into this loop of overthinking, there might be people around you to help you out or there might be no one to help you out. In either case, you should be prepared and your mind should be brilliant enough to have the strategy and deal with the problem.

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