Dealing with Uncertainty, To Be Happier and Less Anxious

ByHanukkah Johnon29th May 2021, 2022-12-16T12:00:00+05:30
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Dealing with Uncertainty, To Be Happier and Less Anxious

Uncertainty is everywhere. It might be a pandemic like Covid, Health, Finances, Relationships etc at most everywhere we see uncertainty. We human beings always want to feel safe & want to have control over our life. Uncertainity and Fear along with uncertainity will make us feeling stressed, anxious & we feel like, we are missing the direction of our life. It can also put us into that thought of "What-if!".

And yes, some people take risk and enjoy doing it. But everyone has a limit! If you get into too much worry of the uncertainity, its important to know that you are not alone, other are also in the same ship. If it might be a matter of helpless or hopeless, just remember always their will be steps to get things better. That's where you come out of Anxiety, build Confidence & come back as new.

Learn to overcome Uncertainty

  • Take control of the things which are in your control
  • Challenge the Uncertainty
  • Accept Uncertainty
  • Focus on the present situation

Take control of the things which are in your control

The current situation has disrupted everyone’s normal life in large ways and small, and much of the uncertainty comes from the lack of an end date to all the social distancing and health threats.

But, We can create our own habits that give us structure and control on a smaller, more individual scale. There is no right or wrong habit, but choosing a few things and sticking to them help more than you realize.

Something like daily exercise, changing out of pajamas, or trying out new cooking recipes. Habits become automatic and give us a sense of predictability and control.

Challenge the Uncertainty

While you are challenging this weird zone of Uncertainty means you are making decisions that have significant long term impact or that are difficult to reverse or course-correct in the face of great uncertainty.

So, you should be very carefull while you are doing this.

Accept Uncertainty

No matter how much you try to eliminate uncertainty from your life, the truth is you have to accept a lot of uncertainty every day. Each time you cross a street, get behind the wheel of a car, or eat takeout or restaurant food you are accepting a level of uncertainty. You are trusting that the traffic will stop, you won't have an accident, and everything you are eating is safe.

The chances of something bad happening in these circumstances is small, so you accept the risk and move on without requiring certainty.

Focus on the present situation

Instead of imagining a scary and unknown future, you can bring our attention to our present thoughts. Just ask yourself, How are you doing right now?

Even when you feel like everything is out of your control, you can still control what we pay attention to. You can turn off your alerts to keep the news or social media from taking over your awareness. You can drop your negative fantasies by having a look at what actually is happening in our inner world, right now, here in the present.

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