Craft stick chain reaction, kids science experiment

ByKarthik Kumar D Kon17th Jul 2023, 2023-07-17T16:30:00+05:30
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Craft stick chain reaction, kids science experiment

Title: Craft Stick Chain Reaction - Potential and Kinetic Energy Experiment

Objective: To explore potential and kinetic energy by creating a chain reaction using craft sticks.


  • Craft sticks (popsicle sticks)
  • Small binder clips or clothespins
  • Optional: Decorative materials (markers, stickers, paint) for customization
  • A wide, flat surface for the experiment (e.g., table, floor)


  1. Start by preparing a bunch of craft sticks. Decorate them if desired using markers, stickers, or paint. Let them dry completely before proceeding.
  2. Set up a wide, flat surface where you can build and trigger the chain reaction. A table or the floor works well.
  3. Begin constructing the chain reaction by attaching two craft sticks together using a small binder clip or clothespin. Clip them near one end so that they can pivot.
  4. Take a third craft stick and attach it to the end of the second stick, repeating the process. Continue this pattern of attaching sticks until you have a long chain.
  5. Position the chain in a curvy or zigzag pattern on the flat surface, making sure there is enough space between the sticks for them to move freely when triggered.
  6. Once the chain is set up, gently lift and slightly tilt the first craft stick, allowing it to pivot and fall back onto the surface. This will initiate the chain reaction.
  7. Observe the chain reaction as the potential energy (stored energy) in the lifted craft stick transforms into kinetic energy (movement) that is transferred to the next stick, and so on.
  8. Note the movement of each craft stick in the chain and how they trigger the movement of the next stick.
  9. Discuss with the kids the concepts of potential and kinetic energy. Explain that potential energy is the energy stored in an object, and it converts into kinetic energy when the object is in motion.
  10. Optionally, experiment with variations in the chain reaction. For example, adjust the angle of the first stick's tilt or introduce obstacles to see how they affect the chain reaction.
  11. Encourage kids to make observations, ask questions, and try different setups to further understand the relationship between potential and kinetic energy.

Safety Considerations:

  • Be mindful of the craft sticks' edges to prevent injury. Young children may require adult supervision during construction and triggering of the chain reaction.

This experiment allows kids to explore the concepts of potential and kinetic energy through a visually engaging chain reaction. It promotes scientific observation, critical thinking, and hands-on learning. Have fun constructing and triggering your craft stick chain reaction!

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