Technical Writing Vs Content Writing

ByLeela Vasundharaon13th Apr 2021, 2022-12-01T08:00:00+05:30
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Technical Writing Vs Content Writing

While we see at the first time, we might see Technical Writing and Content Writing career paths to be similar. But in reality these two are differnt in concepts.

Technical writer would have an excellent grip on the technical abilities which would help to work in various domains. While Content writer would a precise attention grabbing writing style which makes the reader attracted towards the specific matter they are writing about.

Scope of work

Technical Writing

Technical writing is all about simplifying complex things and creating instructions in different ways (may be online help, tutorials, user guides).

  • Technical writing is writing about any technology, such as electronics, mechanical, heavy equipment or computer software.
  • A technical writer has to create a document consisting technical information in a perfectly articulated manner.
  • There are some instances where the writers don’t know who are the end users of the document they are making.
  • Technical writers need to take care that the document they are going to make should be technical as well as must consist such information which is easily understandable to the reader.

Content Writing

Content writing is all about filling websites with content on various topics and aiming at reach a specific audience. Always they have search engines and keywords in mind so that they make sure to connect to the right readers and bring them to a website.

  • A content writer can write on any topic such as history, management, fashion, even technology and any subject on which something can be written.
  • A perfect example of Content writing is a blog. A blog is an updated overhauled online individual diary or journal.

Skills Required

Grammer Skills, Needed for both the professions. All about finding the shorter and more precise way of delivering information

Research Skills, Depending on goal and target audience might differ, but it's must to have. In both cases its quite often challenged with really complex data that they need to go through, understand, rework and structure.

Planning and time management skills are equally important for both the professions. Technical writers have a documentation plan while content writers are building their work process around a content plan.

Communicative skills are important for both content writing and technical writing. Sometimes it can get more complicated for technical writers as their content is tightly connected with a product life cycle.


Though content writing and technical writing have things in common, these are two very different professional careers. Writing technical documentation is a product-focused task that requires more in-depth knowledge and is driven by simplification of complex concepts for readers. Content writing is more audience-oriented to have readers attention and get better search engine ranking.

Good luck with your technical writing..!


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